we've almost all been there at some point in our lives. 

it can take over our lives, feelings, emotions, and world.

love...true love...probably the most coveted feeling of any human can make us the happiest we have ever been, but if lost can lead us down a miserable path of loneliness, depression, and pain.


that's why I'm here.  to help you through the tough times when things don't work out.

Give me the opportunity to be able to help support you through it all.  Not everyone has someone they're comfortable with to talk about all of the issues that touch upon the complicated subject of love.  I'm here to listen, help, and guide you to the happiness that we all deserve.  We will be in contact through both email and phone conversations, whichever you prefer.  There will also be an emergency contact for the times you need the extra support at that very second, because I know we all can easily find ourselves in that second of utter despair.